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T. S. Brooks

Non-stop. Probably trying to prove something. Oft found in Berlin or Hamburg. Kraftwerk; new volk territory. Indie-acousticity. Like some lost Townes Van Zandt pulled by giant babies. Amerikaner excited by the lights.

Few artists can claim to be as prolific as T.S. Brooks, who over the course of the last eleven years has recorded ten full-length records under the nom-de-guerre Minmae alongside countless singles, compilations and collaborations. He has toured North America mercilessly – five times across the country and countless times along the coast lines and at festivals such as South by South West and CMJ.

Poignant, yet direct performances bespeak his talent for soaring melodies and solid musicianship. Truly in a league of his own, Brooks ought not be missed.

TS Brooks
Alles Gute
SR018 (2012)
€ 11,99
+ € 2,- Porto innerhalb Deutschlands
Broken Folk | Everyone was | Chimes | 10,000 hrs | Modern, not classical | The details | Em | The Basement Show | Summer Home | Summer Blues | Finish it up! | Two parallel rivers | Rescind
13 Songs, Digipack
TS Brooks
The Spanish Years
SR012 (2011)
€ 11,99
+ € 2,- Porto innerhalb Deutschlands
Incantation | Ceremony | Seven Strangers | One to be | Tegel | Hang yr hats | Birds | In the woods | 10,000 Uhr | Come back smiling
10 Songs, Digipack

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